Legal Issues, Correction Requests and Press Release Contacts

We have created this additional page for Legal and Press Release contacts.

Legal/Investigative Reporting Requests


We often get requests for investigative-style reporting in which one party is having a dispute with a second party such as a private individual, landlord, neighbor, government agency/department/law enforcement, or business and wishes us to get involved and write an article about their bad experience or the situation.

As an overall editorial policy, we don’t do investigative/expose/dispute/ reporting.

For a variety of reasons, especially strict Thai laws on slander and libel, we cannot publish dispute-style news without proper police reports and court paperwork from both parties involved, and the consent of both parties, that accompany the issue. We are not investigative-style reporters for the prior reasons as well. In Thailand, slander and libel is a CRIMINAL, not a civil offense, which is why most media does not get involved in investigative-style reporting.

However, we are happy to suggest a lawyer to help and we “may” be able to give some advice on what steps to take legally to make movement on the situation as “naming and shaming” online for a negative experience, while common in many western countries and media, can cause major legal issues in Thailand due to their complex and strict laws around slander and libel. We also strive to maintain our “neutral” stance which means getting involved in complex disputes between individuals, businesses, or entities could complicate that. We do not, under any circumstances, get involved in noise complaint issues between neighbors and advise to file complaints¬†with City Hall, law enforcement, and a lawyer with options seen below.

We can recommend to you two quality lawyers that we suggest, one who is local in the Pattaya area for Pattaya residents and disputes. Or, you can mail us for some advice, but keep in mind the information above in terms that we don’t generally investigate disputes or publish articles involving investigative reporting as a general rule. If you would like to contact our lawyers please visit this page:

Our Partner Lawyer

Press Release Requests


If you have a press release for us about your business, charity, or event that is related to Thailand we are happy to consider it for publishing for you if we feel it is relevant to our audience. Simply send us an e-mail to and title the request Press Release, followed by the name of your release. We will usually have a reply to you within 24 hours. However, we CANNOT guarantee a reply to every press release and cannot guarantee that every submission will be published.

You can see our press release page by clicking on this text here.

Please note, we generally don’t accept “gofundme” style press releases for private individuals or causes due to potential legal issues. A charity article publishing request should have proper paperwork and documentation proving the charity is licensed and legal in Thailand. If you want your business advertised on our website and social media channels, please see our advertisement page here:

Advertise with us/Have us attend your event

Correction/Removal Requests


For requests for removals or corrections regarding articles please e-mail us at Our correction policy can be found here: We, in general, do not remove articles, however, if there is a potential legal or pressing issue please reach out to our partner lawyer at the link above. If it is a special personal request or matter, we will take it under consideration at our primary e-mail above. A request is not a guarantee of an article being altered or removed if the information was deemed correct. All suspects in crime-related articles are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and statements made in these articles are alleged or accused by law enforcement or named relevant parties, not a statement of fact, allegations, or accusation by The Pattaya News Co. Ltd. Disputes with statements made by those agencies, especially law enforcement related, should be taken to those relevant agencies and not The Pattaya News Co. Ltd.

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