Thailand’s ‘Super Poll’ indicates majority of Thai citizens have never read the Constitution but demand constitutional change, foreign relations believed to be involved

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Noppadon Kannika, Managing Director at ‘Super Poll’, the Educational Research Center, revealed the results under the research topic “Foreign relations and their political intervention in Thailand” among 1,069 examples of people in all fields of careers across the country.

Regarding the people’s reading experience of the 1997 Constitution, the following research shows that 81.5 percent of the majority had never read the Constitution while 2.5 percent had read some sections, and 16 percent had read the entire Constitution.

Regarding the 2017 Constitution, 71.7 percent of the majority had never read it while 2.1 percent had read some sections, and 26.2 percent had read the entire Constitution.

On the contrary, the majority, or 85.3 percent of the examples, stated their demand to amend the constitution after hearing from other people and did not read it themselves, while 14.7 percent of the minority claimed that they had completed reading it themselves and still demanded the Constitutional amendments.


The majority, or 95.6 percent of the examples, indicated that the Constitution should be amended to solve some sections but not the parts involving the King and the monarchy while only 4.4 percent said all of them were editable.

When being asked whether foreign alliances had intervened in Thailand’s internal politics such as the involvement in the Constitutional amendments, 75.1 percent of the majority had agreed on such an idea while only 24.9 percent of them had strongly disagreed.

22.5 percent of people said that China had always sincerely supported the Thai government and understand Thai people and culture while 18.3 percent said it was the United States. 54.2 percent of the majority agreed that both countries were Thailand’s reliable alliances while 7.7 percent said neither of them.

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According to the Managing Director, the poll results conclude that most Thai people do not read the constitution, both the 1997 and 2017 Constitution, but still desire to amend the Constitution based on the majority demand and the guidance of people in their social cycles.

Most of them do not advise to mention and amend criminal sections in the Constitution related to the monarchy and also indicated that foreign movements had intervened in the provocation of Thailand’s Constitutional movements and had sponsored the current pro-democracy gatherings.

Nop Meechukhun
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