The End of Buddhist Lent is coming this Friday, October 2nd to Thailand, alcohol sales ban likely incoming


The end of Buddhist Lent will fall in Thailand on this Friday, October 2, 2020 in the Kingdom which besides the end of the Lent period also will nearly certainly bring an alcohol sales ban with it.

Although some calendars point to the date as October 1st, multiple Thai religious calendars state the date in Thailand will be on Friday, October 2, along with Laos and some other places that celebrate the date.

Awk Phansa marks the end of the three-month Buddhist Lent period and the traditional end of the rainy season. It is when monks end a three month retreat and return to their normal daily lives and may travel and leave their temples.

In Thailand over the past several years the date has also brought a booze sales ban, which means although no official order has yet come out, one likely will later in the week and bars, nightclubs, and entertainment venues will be ordered to close from 12:01 AM on early Friday morning until 11:59 PM Friday night. Restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, etc. are all forbidden from selling alcohol on this day. Drinking alcohol is not technically against the law, but discouraged to respect the end of Lent.

The Pattaya News/TPN is posting this now to ensure our readers are well prepared and stocked up in advance! In normal times, this day can be a major disruption for tourists on a vacation, however, with international borders closed to tourists due to the still ongoing Covid-19 pandemic worldwide this is likely to be not as major an upset for those still in Pattaya and Thailand.

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