Thirteen people arrested for alleged violation of emergency decree, at Bangkok rooftop “restaurant”

Phra Khanong, Bangkok-

Thirteen people were arrested at a restaurant that was allegedly illegally serving alcohol in Bangkok last night according to Phra Khanong police.

The restaurant, which is located on Sukhimvit Road in the Bang Chak sub-district, was raided after a tip was submitted to the Phra Khanong police station that a bar was allegedly open and serving alcohol.

Bangkok is currently under a highly controlled designation due to Covid-19 which means that alcohol sales are currently prohibited at restaurants and bars and nightclubs must be closed.

Phra Khanong police found that the bar had changed to a mookata style restaurant to be allowed to legally open and had the proper license. However, the rooftop bar was allegedly found to be illegally serving alcohol.

Additionally, multiple customers were allegedly found to be gathering and mingling while drinking and violating the emergency decree and Covid-19 rules like not socially distancing and wearing masks.

Thirteen people were arrested in total and will be charged under the emergency decree, which contains stiff penalities including the potential of high fines and possible significant jail time.

Bangkok remains a highly controlled zone at this time.

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