More prominent Thai doctors warn about current round of Covid-19 infections, say this could end up being the worst outbreak yet


Prominent Thai doctors continue to chime in on social media and conduct interviews with the Thai press following recent clusters of infection of Covid-19 stemming from entertainment venues in Bangkok, warning that this could be the worst.

You can read more about the recent clusters of Covid-19 here.

Prominent doctors have been giving bleak warnings for several days now across Thai media, warning people that the current outbreak showed signs of possibly being the worst yet in Thailand based on the number of provinces and areas affected, as well as the fact that many people had let their guard down, especially young people.

Dr. Pongsakorn Chindawatana, the senior director of communications at Bangkok Hospital, warned on his social media accounts that he predicted this current cluster could see “thousands” of cases of Covid-19 a day and would be many times worse than previous ones due to a variety of factors.

Dr. Thira Woratanarat an associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Chulalongkorn University and Dr. Yong Poovarawan, a medical professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Chulalongkorn University have also been giving regular social media updates, stating that people should stay home for Songkran and ensure they are wearing masks one hundred percent of the time when not in their home.  They have also gone as far as to advise to stop eating out, ordering food from delivery services, and using a contactless pickup, avoid all crowded areas, work from home if able, and other measures currently.

Thai public health officials, however, have painted a slightly rosier picture, stating that if people cooperate with basic health measures like wearing a mask, washing their hands, using check-in applications at businesses, and avoiding crowded places that things would improve. Anutin Charnvirakul, the Public Health Minister, also advised people that they could travel for Songkran to see small groups of family, but they should avoid “partying, drinking, and going to crowded places during the festival.”

Songkran starts as public holidays this Saturday in Thailand, although this year all “fun” activities had been canceled by authorities and only traditional activities were allowed mostly religious merit-making ones.

Decisions are expected as early as today on possible further restrictions in some provinces for the festival, you can read more on that here.

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