Thai Department of Disease Control says “working from home” for Covid-19 doesn’t mean working from a coffee shop, beach, or mall


The Department of Disease Control (DDC), through a representative this afternoon, expressed growing frustration at many people’s lack of compliance with Covid-19 disease control measures, releasing a specific warning.

The statement was made by Dr. Chao Tasanam, of the DDC, a spokesperson for the department.

He stated that clusters were increasingly being found at restaurants, cafes, and similar locations in the country and a lot of this was because restaurants were still allowing large groups of people to dine together and people were considering work from home as work remotely. Although bars and nightclubs are closed, most provinces allow places like malls and restaurants to be open.

Dr. Tasanam said the call to work from home meant to stay, unsurprisingly, at home with only members of your own household and not go to coffee shops, restaurants, beaches, malls, or other public places to work and interact with other people. He claimed that a significant number of people who were “working from home” were not truly staying home currently, despite thousands of Covid-19 cases a day, but instead going out to different places and locations to work on their electronic devices.

Dr. Tasanam said that he knew this period was difficult and he knew most Thai people were very social by nature and didn’t like staying in their homes or rooms alone or with only their family but stressed that these sacrifices must be made to control the Covid-19 situation so that everyone could return to their regular lives as quickly as possible.

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