No adjustments to Covid-19 zone colors, restrictions from the Thai Covid-19 center today


The Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) generally reviews current restrictions and measures around Covid-19 bi-weekly, adjusting zone colors and designations, however, it appears that isn’t happening this week.

The last adjustment of restrictions from a national level took place about two weeks ago when the CCSA made adjustments to their color-coding system that mandates many restrictions and rules around Covid-19.

That being said, many rules and regulations are also at the discretion of provincial governors. In Chonburi, home of TPN media, that means unpopular closings like pools, gyms, beaches for rest and relaxation, massage shops, cinemas, and other venues. Certain measures, like the banning of alcohol in restaurants, banning social gatherings around alcohol, and the closure of entertainment venues, are set at a national level by the CCSA and banned nationally. Other measures, like the closing of convenience stores overnight or dine-in restrictions at restaurants, are based on the color code set by the CCSA.

This doesn’t mean that the CCSA or Chonburi Governor may not make a decision at a later date or that it will be two more weeks until any more adjustments, we note at TPN media, but it does mean that any expected announcements this weekend appear to be not coming. Due to the number of cases of Covid-19 still being discovered in Thailand, especially in and around Bangkok, this may not come as a surprise to many people.

As a side-note, Koh Larn is voting this weekend on if they will re-open the island to visitors and domestic tourists. We will update our readers with those results when they become available. Koh Si Chang remains open currently. Koh Larn has been closed for almost a month to non-residents due to Covid-19 precautions, especially to prevent possible domestic tourists coming from Bangkok.

Unfortunately, the government has not announced a timetable or threshold for cases for lifting restrictions as they did last year and appear to be waiting for their mass vaccination program, set to begin early next month.

 Pattaya is still planning on executing its “Move On” plan to open to foreign tourists with no quarantine in October.

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