New Covid-19 vaccine registration website for foreigners in Thailand to launch on Sunday, August 1st, says Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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  According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Tanee Sangrat, a brand new Covid-19 vaccine registration website for foreigners in Thailand will be launched, as of press time, tomorrow morning, Sunday, August 1st at 11:00 A.M.

The details on the website are scarce although it is a joint effort from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Disease Control, the Ministry of Public Health, and consular affairs departments.
Existing information from Thailand Intervac, which had been used for selected foreigners in certain high-risk groups, will be transferred over according to information released this evening.
Additionally, the registration, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will be available for all ex-pats living in the country over the age of 18 and in all provinces and areas.*
*This being said, there is no “guarantee” that the new website will immediately give a “set in stone” vaccination date or that all options will be available for the launch. Posts regarding the website stated it would launch tomorrow, but it may turn out that not every foreigner may yet be able to register and this may be a gradual process. TPN media would advise readers to understand their mileage may vary and that the new website, although a step forward, is likely not a guarantee of a set in stone immediate vaccine registration and inoculation.
You can find the website here:

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