Fire breaks out at sponge factory in Samut Prakan this morning, damaging more than 100 million baht in value

PHOTO: Dailynews

Samut Prakan –

A fire broke out at a sponge manufacturing factory at the Samrong Tai area of Samut Prakan province in the early hours of this morning, August 20th, damaging more than 100 million baht in value.

Local firefighters and police arrived at the scene after being alerted of the incident at around 2:30 AM. The two-story sponge factory was burning and heavily covered with thick black smoke.

The extinguishment was a struggle for officials as the structure of the building had collapsed. Officers had to break a wall before managing to spray water. Sponges, machines, and flammable chemicals in the building, unfortunately, became fuels adding to the fire to erupt violently. Explosions were heard constantly during the operation. The firefighters spent more than two hours extinguishing the fire.

PHOTO: Dailynews

Factory security guard Sitchai Juthaveru, 50, told the police that he was patrolling around the area when he spotted a cloud of smoke and flames burning inside the factory. He then attempted to stop the fire with an extinguisher but the fire broke out in a wider area instead.

Factory owner Kan Pittayachakarawat, 49, who arrived at the scene after being alerted, told the officials that no one was working at the factory when the fire reportedly broke out. Meanwhile, there was also a large fire at a nearby TOA paint company yesterday evening. The fire from the factory might have affected his factory, he added.

From the initial inspection, the inside of the factory building was completely destroyed, including two other pickup trucks parked behind the factory. No injuries were reported. The damage is estimated to be at least one hundred million baht. Officials were unable to determine the cause of the fire yet. Forensic officers would arrive at the scene to thoroughly investigate the cause later today.


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