Thai Public Health Ministry to organize ‘Vaccination Week’ for the elderly to prevent Covid19 infections and reduce the death rate during Songkran

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  The Thai Ministry of Public Health planned to organize a ‘Thai Public Health Ministry to organize a “Vaccination week’ for at-risk groups between March 21st to the 31st to reduce the death rate of Covid-19 during the upcoming Thai New Year festival in April, Songkran, Thailand’s biggest holiday.

Dr. Kiattipoom Wongrachit, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Public Health, told the Associated Press yesterday, March 15th, that most of the daily fatalities reported in Thailand were elderly and patients with health conditions which were in what the Ministry called the ‘608’ group.

Therefore, the Ministry planned to launch a vaccination campaign for the group to accelerate the injection, including the first, the second, and booster shots, and help reduce morbidity and mortality rates before the Songkran festival, set for the middle of April, in which millions of Thai people are expected to travel and visit families in the biggest annual migration in Thailand and their biggest holiday.

The Permanent Secretary said: “Each province had a different number of infections among the elderly. The Deputy Permanent Secretary then was assigned to set the vaccination goal of each province to reach unvaccinated people as much as possible, considering the potential of injections during the 10 days of the campaign.”

“For many elderly people who may be concerned about side effects, a booster dose of half a shot of Pfizer would also be available. It could stimulate the immune system as well, but with fewer potential side effects. The general public who was due for the 4th dose of vaccination were also welcome to receive the half-dose Pfizer as well.”

Dr. Kiattipoom also advised the public to stay cautious and comply with preventive measures while traveling home during the Songkran festival. They should follow ‘Self Clean Up’ measures by taking care of themselves during the 1 week before traveling home, not gathering in a large crowd or entering a risky/crowded place, and conducting an ATK test for safety and preventing infection among the elderly at home.

The Thai Prime Minister, Prayut Chan O’Cha, has said no travel restrictions will take place for Songkran this year and the festival will take place, with rules and guidelines. Those rules will be decided this Friday, March 18th, at a major government meeting in Bangkok and announced sometime later that day.  It is unclear if “fun events” like the world-famous water fights, banned since 2019, may be allowed this year with safety guidelines and advice.

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