The number of Covid-19 patients will spike after Songkran but Thai Public Health assures it can be handled, Public Health Minister says

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  The Thai Public Health Minister admitted in a press statement that Thailand will see a spike in Covid-19 patients after Songkran, but assures Thai Public Health can handle it.

  Yesterday, April 4th, at the Government House, Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, the Thai Public Health Minister, gave an interview on the ban on water-splashing during the upcoming Songkran/water festival, stating that the ban was an appropriate measure because the virus spreads through close-contacts, gathering, and mutually using the same containers, celebrating by drinking alcohol in groups, etc. Moreover, it is impossible to mandate wearing gloves and masks during the activities, so instead, he asks for people’s cooperation to only do certain traditional practices such as pouring water.

Additionally, the minister emphasized the importance of vaccination for the elderly and children under the age of five. He said the Thai Public Health Department is currently taking a proactive approach to vaccinating people at their residences so that they do not have to travel to a hospital. However, a great number of small children still remain unvaccinated; therefore, he suggested parents not bring their children to the hospital as they risk getting infected.

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Regarding the upcoming Songkran, he admits Thailand will certainly see a surge in Covid-19 new cases because people want to travel to their hometowns and provinces and interact, but he is also confident that those who are vaccinated will be safe.

Lastly, Mr. Anutin clarified that the transition of Covid-19 into being treated as endemic was the Thai doctor’s suggestion, not the government’s. 


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