Thai government should reveal all Covid-19 daily infections and data, consider bringing back mask mandate and some restrictions, leading Thai doctor says

Bangkok –

Dr. Nithipat Jearakul, chief of Siriraj Hospital’s Department of Respiratory Disease and Tuberculosis, urged the Thai government to reveal the accurate number of Covid-19 infections, including no-to-mild symptoms groups, to the public.

The Associate Professor stated online on Monday, July 1st, that the Covid-19 situation in Thailand is tensing up again as it was estimated that the actual number of cases last week was around 50,000 people a day, different from the numbers we saw in the daily reports of a few thousand at most.

The number of critically ill patients is also rising from 600 and now staying at a rate of 700, Nithipat said.

His statement says: “The number of hospitalized Covid-19 patients is increasing, causing a number of medical front liners to come back to work and work twice as hard to reduce the number of patients waiting to be admitted to hospitals.”

“It’s time for the government to tell the truth and warn its people to be prepared, not just carelessly end the mask mandate and allow more risky social activities,” Nithipat added.

Nithipat also supports the return of the mask mandate and some Covid19-related restrictions.

The Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration or CCSA is set to discuss the Covid19 situation on Friday, July 8th, and proposals such as reinstating the mask mandate as suggested by many prominent Thai doctors.


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Nop Meechukhun
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