Thai Government to Partner With Netflix to Bring More Cruise Ships to Thailand

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The Thai government is collaborating with Netflix to develop a creative travel guide to promote tourism and attract more tourists to visit the country via cruise ships, said the government.

Anucha Burapachaisri, deputy secretary-general to the prime minister, revealed that Thailand is partnering with the well-known streaming service platform, Netflix, to create a travel guide that will navigate tourists to locations featured in movies.

Anucha stated cruises were one of the most popular forms of tourism transportation with a global market surging exponentially. During last year’s high season between October to March, cruise ships carrying an average 1,800-2,400 passengers made one-day stops in Thailand and spent about 4-10 times higher than ordinary tourists.

The cruise passengers usually liked boat tours, Thai food, spas, cultural shows, and buying souvenirs. Anucha said the government had upgraded several ports in the country to facilitate cruise ships, which before the outbreak raked in a revenue of over 4.84 billion baht.

Meanwhile, the government has also been pushing for the cultural tourism and film industries to promote tourism and soft power. One such attempt is the collaboration with Netflix to create a travel guide for Thailand called “Uncover Thailand: A Creative Travel Guide“The travel guide will take tourists to visit filming locations of popular Thai films and shows. Anucha said the prime minister is confident that the special guide will attract tourists with special interests, such as movie buffs or fans of certain actors. It will also be another channel to enhance Thailand’s image, as well as to promote Thai culture to a wider audience, said the spokesman.

Adam Judd
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