Former UAE Policeman Arrested on Koh Phangan for Alleged Arson on Koh Samui

Phangan Island, Samui Island, Surat Thani.

A former United Arab Emirates policeman was arrested on Phangan Island for allegedly committing arson on Samui Island in Surat Thani.

A Surat Thani Immigration Officer told the Phuket Express yesterday (March 4th) that they and the Samui Police arrested Mr. MUAJIB ALI SALIM SALEH ALKARBI, 40, a former United Arab Emirates Policeman . He is a wanted suspect from the Koh Samui Provincial Court in an arrest warrant issued on March 3rd.

The incident allegedly occurred on March 2nd at 1.35 A.M. A suspect set fire to BMW and Toyota sedans parked in the Taling Ngam sub-district on Samui Island which belonged to a victim only identified as a Mr. Anan.

The Samui Police continued their investigation and stated that CCTV footage appeared to show that Mr. MUAJIB was riding on a motorbike and allegedly set fire to the sedans.

The Samui Police said Mr. MUAJIB and Mr. Anan had been working together in a second-hand car business before they had some personal conflicts which led to the arson.Mr. MUAJIB is facing charges of committing arson. Mr. MUAJIB has denied the charges as of press time and reportedly is looking to fight the charges legally.

Adam Judd
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