Thai Drivers Warned to Pay Traffic Fines by April or Face Further Penalties

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Thai authorities have called on Thai drivers to pay their traffic fine tickets by April 1st. Those who remain overdue on their payments for 30 days will be fined 2,000 baht and have their driving scores cut.

Today, March 27th, the spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office Ratchada Thanadirek warned drivers with overdue fines that, starting from April 1st, the office of the Department of Land Transport will not issue the annual tax sticker for those who have not paid their traffic fines when renewing their vehicle registration.

Instead, drivers with overdue fines will be given a temporary tax sticker, which is valid for 30 days, and they must pay their fines within 30 days after receiving the certificate to receive the actual tax sticker.

Ratchada said that the Royal Thai Police and the Department of Land Transport are jointly enforcing two disciplinary measures to maximize effectiveness in ensuring road safety in Thailand. The first measure is a driving point system, in which drivers will see their driving scores cut when violating traffic laws, and the second measure is the suspension of the issuance of tax sticker for vehicles with overdue fines.

People with unpaid fines can pay their fine along with the annual vehicle tax for more convenience, the spokesperson stated.

On the other hand, people who refuse to pay the fine after their temporary tax sticker becomes invalid will be subjected to a fine of 2,000 baht and sustain a 1-point loss from their total 12 points. If drivers lose all their points within a year, their driving licence will be suspended for 90 days.


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