Chiang Mai Residents Outraged over Tourist’s Sexy Viral Video

Chiang Mai —

Residents in Thailand’s northern tourist province of Chiang Mai have urged authorities to ensure that foreign tourists respect local culture. This comes after a video clip went viral on TikTok, showing a Chinese woman undressing herself on the back of a baht bus in the province.

The video clips of a Chinese female visitor undressing half-naked on one of Chiang Mai’s famous red baht buses in the middle of a street have sparked an outcry among many concerned citizens and organizations.

The video clip, which appears to show an unidentified Chinese woman making sexy gyrations while wearing a bra top and lowering her slacks to expose her bottom and G-string panties, received millions of views on social media.

Although the woman later deleted the clips after they were heavily criticized, some of the complainants said she should be held accountable for disrespecting the province’s local culture and Thai traditional conservative values.

Wanlop Namwongprom, Vice Chairman of the Chiang Mai Provincial Cultural Council, requested on Wednesday that relevant agencies, such as the Chiang Mai Tourism Authority and the Tourism Authority of Thailand, pursue legal actions or at least follow this woman in order to warn her.

Aside from being obscene and inappropriate, Wanlop said the videos may cause the misconception among foreign visitors that anyone can do whatever they want in Chiang Mai no matter illegal or not. Many organizations are attempting to identify and locate the woman to give her a warning.

The original article appeared on our sister website The Pattaya News.

Adam Judd
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