Most Thais Support School Uniforms, Say Recent Polls

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According to a National Institute of Development Administration (Nida) survey, 80.53% of the survey respondents say they still want Thai students to stick to wearing standardized school uniforms.

The poll, conducted from June 21st to 23rd with 1,310 respondents aged over 15 years old, saw that 59.47% of the respondents stating they support the continuation of the school dress code enforcement.

A significantly lower percentage, 20.69%, suggested that students should be allowed to wear alternative attire (such as casual wear) during special casual days. Meanwhile, only 4.73% advocate for the entire cancellation of the school dress code.

The findings also show that 80.53% of respondents believe that school uniforms promote discipline, while 11.53% mention that school uniforms add financial burden to parents.

When asked how many days in the week students should be allowed to wear alternative attire, 47.60% of those who support the leniency choose one day a week.

Other interesting findings about the school uniform are as follows:

  • 23.82% – school uniforms contribute to student safety.
  • 21.76% – school uniforms help parents save money.
  • 20.23% – school uniforms are a measure to prevent impersonation.
  • 18.17% – school uniforms are a source of pride for students/parents.
  • 10.00% – school uniforms are not applicable in every situation.
  • 6.18% – school uniforms are a means of social stratification.
  • 2.29% – school uniforms are a symbol of oppression/authoritarianism.

The original article appeared on our sister website The Pattaya News.

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