Woman Allegedly Assaulted By Move Forward Party MP in Chonburi Drops All Charges

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A woman who accused a Bangkok MP from the Move Forward Party of physical assault has withdrawn all police reports against him. However, the MP might still be prosecuted for assault as the settlement for such an offense is not permissible, according to Bowin Police Chief Pol. Col. Anek Sathongyu.

First our previous story:

A member of Parliament in Bangkok from the Move Forward Party admitted he assaulted a woman recently in Chonburi while traveling between Pattaya and Sri Racha.

Now for our update:

In the latest development, Pol. Col. Anek revealed to Thai media that on July 2nd, Mr. Sirin Sanguansin, a Bangkok MP for the Move Forward Party, accompanied by his girlfriend, visited the Bowin police station late at night to withdraw all police reports against Mr. Sirin, including reports about property damage and physical assault.

Mr. Sirin was previously accused by his girlfriend of attacking her while they were travelling in a car between Pattaya and Sri Racha. His girlfriend later filed reports at the Bowin station.

According to Pol. Col. Anek, the woman did not state her intention as to why she decided to withdraw the complaints.

Under Thai law, a settlement can be reached through a reconciliation process regarding the case of property damage.

However, in the case of physical assault, which is a criminal case, a settlement cannot be reached, even if the female party claims it was a misunderstanding or not intended, Pol. Col. Anek said.

Nevertheless, the police chief revealed both parties have agreed to negotiate on this matter. Once they reach an agreement, police will proceed to make an official record and forward the case to the prosecutor for further consideration.

Meanwhile, the Move Forward Party has not decided what, if any, punishment will be given to Sirin, especially with the reports being withdrawn.

In May, a new MP-elect from Move Forward pleaded guilty to drunk driving in Bangkok and agreed to resign.

The original article appeared on our sister website The Pattaya News.

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