Thai Prime Minister Vote Coming Thursday But Possible Further Votes Needed if Consensus Not Reached

The vote to select the new prime minister in the national assembly could occur over multiple meetings if a consensus cannot be reached in a single session, according to the soon-to-be deputy house speaker. The crucial vote is scheduled for Thursday (13 July) as part of the process of forming a new government.

Eight parties, led by the Move Forward Party, which secured the most seats in the lower house, have already announced their plan to form a coalition government. They have also agreed to support Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat as the prime minister. Pita will need over 375 votes, including from the senate, to assume the top job.

Pichet Chuamuangphan, who has been chosen as the second deputy house speaker, revealed that the vote may take place across multiple national assembly meetings if a conclusion cannot be reached. Tentatively, the votes could occur on July 13, July 19 and July 20 if necessary.

If Pita fails to secure enough votes in all three meetings, Pichet said the eight parties would be required to uphold their meeting resolutions and the signed memorandum of understanding. He noted that the intentions of the senators to ensure the successful formation of the government are positive signs, but the number of senators supporting Pita remains uncertain.

Source: Thai National News Bureau.

Photo: Thai House Speaker Wan Noor Muhamad.

Adam Judd
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