Thai Police Identify Pattaya Hardware Shop Allegedly Used to Purchase Saw Used in Murder of Hans Peter Mack

Pattaya –

Two foreigners bought an electric saw believed to have been used in the murder of German real estate broker Hans Peter Mack, 62, in Pattaya.

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A Pakistani – Thai man who was the last remaining free prime suspect in the gruesome murder of German real estate broker Hans Peter Mack was arrested in Kanchanaburi.

The Nongprue Police told the Pattaya News that on Wednesday (July 12th) a man identified only as Mr. Chart, 40, the owner of a shop that sells electric saws in North Pattaya and his staff, provided further information to police around the movement of suspects in the case of the murder of Hans Peter Mack.

Chart told police that on July 7th, there were two foreign customers, one overweight and one slender that came into his shop. They were in a hurry and wanted to buy a ‘Shudow’ 18 volt wireless electric saw. They bought the saw for 12,900 baht then rushed away from the shop on a motorbike.

They seemed very suspicious according to Chart, unlike other customers as they never tried to negotiate for a discount and did not ask any detailed questions about the product. The shop retained the phone number they gave which needed to be put on the warranty paper along with the saw’s serial number. This particular saw is very quiet when turned on and used, Chart added.

Police found the serial number of the saw that they bought from the shop matched with the saw that was reportedly used to dismember Mr. Hans and was found in a bag with other tools along with the dismembered and mutilated corpse of Hans.

Chart later confirmed to police that his two foreign customers were indeed prime suspects Mr. Olaf Brinkmann and Mr. Shahruek Kareem Udin after they were both arrested. Nongprue police provided pictures of both men to Mr. Chart to review and confirm and the suspects were captured on CCTV together at the shop.

Thai police had earlier confirmed that prime suspects Petra Grundgreif and Olaf Brinkmann had been captured on camera together the day Mr. Mack went missing.

Police continue to gather evidence against the suspects as both Brinkmann and Grundgreif are reportedly not speaking to investigators. Udin, however, has claimed he was threatened and forced into helping Brinkmann dispose of the corpse.The investigation continues as of press time.

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