Pattaya Floating Market to Reopen After Major Fire on September 12th

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The Pattaya Floating Market is planning to reopen after a major and devastating fire on September 12th, 2023.

Our previous stories:

A severe fire has damaged the Four Regions Floating Market in which the total cost of damages is initially being estimated of at least 50 million baht. The fire is believed to have started at a wooden restroom building. There are no significant injuries or deaths reported as of press time.

Pattaya authorities are inspecting the Pattaya Floating Market where a large fire broke out last night, September 7th.

Now for the update:

The managing director and lawyer of the market Ms. Sumaphon Srimueang announced the swift reopening in a press conference on Saturday (September 9th). Joining her at the press conference were the Banglamung District Chief Mr. Pisit Sirisawatdinukun and local media such as The Pattaya News.

Ms. Sumaphon told The Pattaya News about the fire incident. “Security guards saw some smoke and fire from the middle of the facility on the evening of the blaze around 7:30 PM. They have all been trained for basic fire prevention. However, during that time there was strong wind and the market structures were mostly made of wood which were easily flammable. The fire spread very quickly. Our guards and staff quickly evacuated the affected areas which is a major reason there were no significant injuries and no deaths.”

“Firefighters were called and they quickly arrived and finally controlled the fire after 10:00 P.M.. From the fire incident we have seen that everyone in Pattaya helps each other. Thank you to every relevant authority, the Forensic Police, and officials from the civil engineers of the Banglamung Office. These agencies are still investigating the fire scene to find the exact cause of the fire which is still unclear,” Ms. Sumaphon explained.

“The damage is about 30 percent of the market’s total area which mostly is in ‘the Northern’ zone, only one of our four zone attractions. The damage cost is being estimated at about 70 million baht. This cost does not include the damage cost to business operators at the market. We do have insurance for the market but not a significant amount but are working on clarifying the payment structure as of press time and how to repair damages” Ms. Sumaphon added.

“Many scheduled tour programs to the park have been canceled but we have received significant support instead of complaints from customers. Affected business operators at the market will also receive compensation from the market insurance. We don’t want to be a forgotten Pattaya landmark. We had already planned to open a new zone this month before the fire. The market is expected to be reopened on September 12th this month, although some areas may remain under repair and inaccessible. The majority of the park and many attractions remain undamaged and fire inspectors and engineers have assured these sections are safe to reopen.” Ms. Sumaphon noted.

This article originally appeared on our sister website The Pattaya News.

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