Thai Police Make Massive Drug Bust in Nakhon Pathom

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Pol. Gen. Torsak Sukvimol, newly chosen Thai Police commissioner general conducted a joint operation with the Minister of Justice on a drug house raid and seized more than 300 million baht worth of illicit substances.

At 2:30 PM, on September 28th, 2023, Pol. Col. Thawee Sodsong, the Minister of Justice, Pol. Gen. Torsak and other relevant officers held a press conference on a big-narcotics-slot search operation in cooperation with patrol and special operations division 191, in the capital district of Nakhon Pathom province.
After the search, various types of narcotics were found as evidence including 15 million pills of amphetamine, 443 bars of heroin, 420 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine, happy water, and similar illicit substances.

There were 4 alleged suspects captured involving covert trafficking of narcotic substances: Mr. Apichat Ekkachin, 38 years old, Mr. Charan Khieoprai, 38 years old, Mr. Watchara Khieoprai, 36 years old, and Mr. Chalit Khieoprai, 39 years old.

Pol. Col. Thawee stated at the press conference that the operation is significant because the illicit drug house was located in a community area, in the heart of Thailand. The alleged suspects have lengthy criminal records relating to narcotic substances. Pol. Col. Thawee also emphasized putting illicit substances on high alert and gave orders to the narcotics control board to take control of narcotic activities within 100 days.

Pol. Gen. Torsak received a testimony report on the investigation that the 4 alleged suspects distributed illicit substances by vehicles to drug addicts and entertainment districts in Borommaratchachonnani Road and Phutthamonthon Sai 5 Road areas, Nakhon Pathom province.

The alleged suspects admitted that they would receive 1.8 million baht in total for distributing the illicit substances. The narcotic substances were reportedly transported through natural channels from a neighboring country border close to North Thailand.

This article originally appeared on our sister website The Pattaya News.

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