Bangkok Taxi Driver Arrested for Stealing Passenger’s Phone and Transferring Almost a Million Baht to Himself

Bangkok —

A taxi driver seized an opportunity on a forgotten phone from his passenger and transferred almost a million baht to his own bank account. He was later arrested in Samut Songkhram.

On October 5th, 2023, a Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) unit captured a suspect identified only as Mr. Saichon on an arrest warrant from the Bangkok South Criminal Court. Mr. Saichon was arrested on a roadside in Mueang, Samut Songkhram, and charged with offenses involving stolen electronic cards, burglary at night, and receiving stolen property.

The taxi driver, Mr. Saichon, picked up a forgotten phone from an unidentified passenger but did not return it to the owner. Instead, he transferred the victim’s money, more than 800,000 baht, to his own bank accounts, as the victim’s bank account apps were apparently unlocked. Mr. Saichon later withdrew cash from ATMs in the Bangkok area.

The victim filed a report to a police officer at Thonglor Police Station. The taxi driver was captured and he later applied for bail, however, he did not later report himself to the court as scheduled which led to the issuance of the arrest warrant.
During the investigation, Mr. Saichon admitted to committing similar offenses many times. The police officers escorted him to the Criminal Court for further legal proceedings.

Adam Judd
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