Employee of Entertainment Venue Arrested in Phuket Town Murder

Phuket –

A staffer of an entertainment venue was arrested after he allegedly stabbed a customer to death in Phuket Town.

Our previous story:

A Thai man was found dead with multiple stab wounds in front of a hotel near an entertainment venue in Phuket Town.

Now for the update:

The Phuket City Police Chief Colonel Pratueng Phonmana told the Phuket Express that they checked CCTV footage at the entertainment venue in question before identifying the suspect. They arrested Mr. Arnon Thepsong, 33, from Trang, who is a staffer of the entertainment venue. He was arrested at an apartment in Wichit, Mueang Phuket on the same day on Monday (October 9th).

Arnon told Phuket City police that Mr. Wiroon, the victim, was heavily intoxicated and disruptive. Wiroon allegedly annoyed other customers before he threw a glass at the bar. Arnon tried to stop Mr. Wiroon and asked him to leave the premises but Mr. Wiroon then smacked another unidentified staffer. Arnon stated that he then took out a knife which was kept under his motorbike seat in front of the entertainment venue but stressed his actions were allegedly in self defence only.

Arnon tried to walk away from Mr. Wiroon but Mr. Wiroon then allegedly slapped him in the face. Arnon stated that he used the knife to stab Mr. Wiroon only one time before throwing the knife into the canal nearby. Arnon told police that the entire incident was in self-defence and he did not mean to kill Mr. Wiroon.

Regardless, Arnon is facing charges of bodily assault causing death.

Phuket Police continued to officially withhold the name of the entertainment venue where Arnon worked, only stating that they were still investigating the incident and had not yet determined if the nightlife venue would face charges, thus not releasing its name at this time.

This article originally appeared on our sister website The Phuket Express.

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