Thai Police Seize 6.4 Million Pills of Methamphetamine in Sakon Nakhon

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Thai police intercepted a large attempt at drug trafficking with a total of 6.4 million pills of amphetamine in Sakon Nakhon.

On October 14th, 2023, Pol. Lt. Gen. Sarayut Sa-nguanphokai, the commander of the Narcotics Suppression Bureau (NSB) and other relevant NSB officers publicly stated to Thai media about a drug trafficking interception.

During the operation, there were four alleged drug smugglers who were publicly identified only as Mr. Jongkon, Mr. Bunmee, Ms. Sujitra, and Mrs. Samran. The main alleged suspect, Jongkon, was captured at a Caltex gas station in Kham Ta Kla, Sakon Nakhon, with 6.4 million pills of amphetamine.

During the investigation, NSB sources reported that the group of alleged drug smugglers would transport the drugs in a convey containing 3 vehicles. Jongkon transported 6.4 million pills of an illicit substance to central Thailand. The other alleged drug smugglers were for guarding and surveillance at a police checkpoint.

The NSB team tracked down Jongkon at the Caltex gas station waiting for a report from the other smugglers. Consequently, the NSB team later captured the other alleged suspects and confiscated multiple large sacks of amphetamine.

In the initial investigation, the alleged suspects reportedly confessed to their crimes but said they had tried to be more cautious because they had been previously arrested for similar crimes before being released recently. The police officers then escorted the alleged suspects to NSB for further investigation and a likely return to jail.

This bust comes just a day after the announcement of another major drug bust in Ayutthaya.

This article originally appeared on our sister website The Pattaya News.

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