Major Fire in Chaiyaphum Business District Damages 50 Business Units


At 3:00 AM, on October 21st, 2023, the Muang Chaiyaphum Police officers received a fire report in the Chaiyaphum commercial district, Mueang, Chaiyaphum.

The sudden flames occurred the night before in a furniture store, a four-story building, in the commercial district at 7:15 PM, on October 20th, 2023. The firetrucks were mobilized to extinguish the fires for more than 2 hours. The cause of the fire incident later found that the old building had a short circuit and was damaged with an estimated value of 10 million baht.However, the investigative team was about to gather evidence from the incident scene the next morning, and the fire incident spread again at 3:00 AM, on October 21st, 2023, from the same furniture store. The fires that had not yet been completely extinguished were relit by strong winds at night.The uncontrollable fires caused more than 50 compartments/business units to be engulfed in flames with an estimated value of 50-100 million baht. Relevant officials from over 10 districts and more than 100 firetrucks rushed to the scene to control the fires.
Currently, the fires were put under control and the relevant agencies would conduct a further investigation and provide aid to locals accordingly.There were no injuries from the blaze, luckily.

Adam Judd
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