Massive Drug Bust: Roi Et Police Seize 800,000 Pills of Amphetamine

Roi Et—

On October 26th, 2023, Pol. Lt. Gen. Sarayut Sa-nguanphokai, the Commander-in-Chief, and Roi Et police officers intercepted two pickup trucks smuggling over 800,000 pills of amphetamine to central Thailand.

The alleged drug smugglers were publicly identified only as Mr. Cherdsak, 34, Mr. Tanakorn, 29, and Mrs. Pamuan, 48.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Sarayut revealed to Thai media that the investigative officers tracked down a drug smuggling operation from a neighboring country to central Thailand. Then, the Roi Et police officers detected two vehicles reported under the suspect list heading on the road in Phon Thong, Roi Et.

During the chase, the alleged suspects attempted to flee and throw the evidence into a grove on the roadside in Kamalasai, Kalasin. According to the police report, the three alleged suspects were later captured with 830,000 amphetamine pills.

Consequently, the Phon Thong police officers pledged to conduct further investigations to hold involved individuals accountable for their crimes.

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Kittisak Phalaharn
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