Update: Bangkok Police Unveil Details of Dusit College Shooting


At 6:30 PM, on November 21st, 2023, Pol. Lt. Gen. Thiti Saengsaeng, the commander of the Metropolitan Police, publicly revealed the case process on the shooting of a Dusit Technical College student on November 20th.

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According to the report from the Thai police, the three main alleged suspects were identified. One of the alleged suspects voluntarily surrendered and was publicly identified as Mr. Akkaraphon Sirimekanon, a 22-year-old former college student in a college institution in Thonburi.

Akkaraphon reportedly confessed his wrongdoings that before the incident, he and his two other friends drank Kratom water and rode their motorcycles around the Dusit area to intentionally tease other college students.

Kratom is an opioid-like herbal substance with serious side effects and a high risk for addiction, say police.

Akkaraphon admitted to the police officers that he shot the victim with a pen gun as he claimed that his friend who was only identified as Mr. Thanakorn, an 18-year-old former college student in an institution in Charansanitwong, was reportedly stabbed by the victim’s group first.

On November 22nd, 2023, Dusit police officers captured Thanakorn at a park in the metropolitan area. Meanwhile, another alleged suspect who was later identified only as Mr. Ohm is still at large.

Initially, Akkaraphon reportedly was the only shooter and told the police officers that the incident had nothing to do with a conflict between institutes as he worked as a package deliverer for a private company.

However, the Dusit police officers took Akkaraphon and Thanakorn for further forensic investigation to determine the case of Thanakorn who allegedly being stabbed. The police officers would further gather evidence to hold them accountable for their crimes and capture the other alleged suspect.

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