German Documentary on Sex Tourism in Pattaya Continues to Cause Concerns in Thailand

Pattaya —

Thailand’s Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MSD) has pledged serious legal action in child exploitation cases and promised to provide suitable assistance to the victims.

The announcement was made by MSD Minister Mr. Worawut Silpa-archa in response to reports of an arrest of a German suspect who allegedly sexually abused a 15-year-old girl in Pattaya and then fled Thailand to his home country.

Mr. Worawut said on December 7th that the MSD will send officials to assess the impact on the victim, provide necessary assistance, and address any issues arising from the incident.

Addressing the negative international media coverage on the incident, Mr. Worawut stressed that the ministry would rectify the situation by taking serious legal action against the perpetrators accused in child sexual abuse cases and disseminating accurate information about the cases.

“We will take decisive action to show that the government does not condone these type of illegal activities,” Mr. Worawut stated, although he did not give the precise details about potential measures to tackle the activities.

The minister further highlighted the importance of promoting Thailand’s strengths other than its nightlife sector, such as its vibrant tourism industry and rich cultural heritage.

The German documentary exposing the underbelly of Pattaya’s sex industry has sparked a global debate on Thailand’s controversial legal framework surrounding prostitution. The documentary’s viral success has shed light on the complex realities of sex work in Thailand, generating a spectrum of responses online.

Conservative voices have called for a complete shutdown of Pattaya’s bar industry, claiming it fosters exploitation and harms both locals and tourists. However, others argue that such a drastic measure would further marginalize and endanger sex workers. Instead, they advocate for expediting the passage of laws designed to regulate the industry and improve working conditions for those involved.


This article originally appeared on our sister website The Pattaya News.

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