Ayutthaya News Reporter Murdered: Police Probe Motive in Tragic Shooting


On December 15th, 2023, Uthai police officers received a murder report regarding a news reporter on Uthai Road, Uthai, Ayutthaya.

The police and Ayutthaya rescue teams were dispatched to the incident scene and found a sedan with the sticker “BC News” on the front windshield. Inside the sedan, Mr. Singhawat Dara, a 49-year-old news reporter, was found deceased with four rounds of bullets and a dog staying beside Singhawat.

The rescue teams brought the body and the dog out before cleaning the dog which was stained with blood.

Mr. Bancha Iammeechai, a 56-year-old head of local reporters, reportedly said to the police that Singhawat was a local news reporter who had been working since 2011.

An unidentified truck driver reportedly said to the police that Singhawat’s sedan was in front of him before sliding to the roadside, the truck driver then stepped down to take a look before reporting to the police officers.

The Ayutthaya Forensics officers performed a field inspection to gather evidence from the crime scene and find the trajectory of the bullets to further track down the unidentified suspect(s).

Additionally, the Ayutthaya police officers investigated the family and relatives of the victim to determine the motive of the murder. As a result, the police made inquiries about road rage, personal matters at work, and family conflicts.

The police pledged to investigate further to take hold of the suspect for legal processing.

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This article originally appeared on our sister website The Pattaya News.

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