Thai Cat and Fish Rice Paddy Art Takes Center Stage at Thailand Biennale Chiang Rai 2023 on December 30

PHOTO: นพ.สมหมาย เอี๋ยวประดิษฐ์

Chiang Rai—

The viral Thai cat hugging a fish image on the rice field, also known as the Rice paddy art or Tambo art, at Ban Khon Sung, Thoeng, Chiang Rai, will be displayed in Thailand Biennale Chiang Rai 2023 from December 9th of 2023 to April 30th of 2024.

Mr. Thanpong Jaikham, the land owner who supports the display of contemporary art, publicly stated that Tambo art was sponsored and provided colorful rice seeds by the Rice Science Center, Kasetsart University. The Tambo art will be officially open to the public on December 30th, 2023, said Thanpong.

PHOTO: นพ.สมหมาย เอี๋ยวประดิษฐ์

The rice field was planted early on October 15th, 2023, on a five rai or 8000 square meter field. In the cold season, the rice grows and changes into a variety of colors, and the climax will be at the end of December.

Tambo art originated in Japan and is found in both art and innovation. In Thailand, it is a new aspect of rice farming that would potentially improve the quality of farmers’ lives by developing new rice varieties and designing creative patterns on rice plots, remarked Thanpong.

PHOTO: นพ.สมหมาย เอี๋ยวประดิษฐ์
PHOTO: นพ.สมหมาย เอี๋ยวประดิษฐ์

In the Thailand Biennale Chiang Rai 2023 exhibition, there are other creative arts from 60 artists from 21 countries around the world who will display their artworks in the Chiangrai International Art Museum and other districts in Chiang Rai such as Mueang, Chiang Saen, Mae Lao, and Phan.

For more detail on the contemporary art exhibition TBC2023 and Facebook: Thailand Biennale, Chaing Rai 2023.

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