Steel Rail Falling from Pink Line in Nonthaburi Damages Many Cars, Almost Brings Down Power Pole


At 5:00 AM, on December 24th, 2023, Pak Kret police officers received a report that a steel rail fell from a Pink Line electric train onto the ground causing many cars and a high voltage pole to be damaged at the Pak Kret market in Nonthaburi.

Thai electricity officials and Pink Line MRT officials were dispatched to the incident scene and found that a 4-inch wide steel rail fell from the Pink Line MRT as the rail had loosened from the anchor point on the concrete beam for more than 100 meters in distance. As a result, the vehicles parked underneath the elevated railway were damaged by the falling steel rail.

Furthermore, a high-voltage pole was damaged and almost fell. According to a report by electricity officials, after further investigation, it was found that the steel rail had come loose from the Pak Kret market to the Khaerai intersection, a distance of 5 kilometers, but had not yet fallen to the ground.
Ms. Wanida Maributr, a 43-year-old witness, said to the police that around 5 AM, she heard loud cracking sounds, and suddenly, a loud bang sound was heard from afar. Wanida then rushed to the source of the sound and found out that her vehicle had been damaged by the steel rail falling.

Initially, Thai electricity officials deployed more than 10 cranes and closed the road to secure the area. It was estimated that around 12:00 PM, the situation might be clear and open for traffic, said the electricity officials.

This article originally appeared on our sister website The Pattaya News.

Adam Judd
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