Update: Falling Conductor Rail from Pink Line Incident Prompts Service Suspension and Safety Measures


On December 25th, 2023, Mr. Surapong Piyachote, the Deputy Minister of Transport, publicly revealed the investigation on a conductor rail that fell from the Pink Line, Samakkhi MRT station, Nonthaburi, at 4:45 AM, on December 24th.

Read about the recent incident of a falling steel rail from the Pink Line MRT in Nonthaburi.

Initially, Pink Line MRT officials reportedly assumed that as a result of pulling steel sheet piles from a utility system project under the Pink Line MRT, there might have been circumstances that caused the level of the conductor rail to be discounted into an unusual position.

The Pink Line MRT would temporarily suspend their services for 7 days from the Nonthaburi Civic Center MRT station to the Pak Kret Bypass MRT station for investigation. However, the Pink Line service would still be open as usual, with only 23 stations from Minburi Station-Chaeng Watthana Station-Pak Kret 28.

For prevention guidelines, the Thai Department of Rail Transport officials would coordinate with relevant agencies to secure the incident area and would implement measures to prevent future incidents on the construction sites, remarked Surapong. Before opening services to the public, there would be a test run at 4 AM daily to check the railway’s readiness, added Surapong.

Surapong asserted that the affected individuals from the falling conductor rail would be compensated by the contractors as it was covered by accident insurance. Nobody was injured however there was significant vehicle and property damage.

The Thai Department of Rail Transport and relevant agencies would hold a discussion to consider compensation guidelines for affected people who regularly use the Pink Line MRT such as extending the free trial run from January 3rd, 2024 to further announcements, emphasized the Deputy Minister of Transport.

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