Stabbing Incident Involving 14-Year-Old Students Unfolds Near School in Trang; Two Teens in Critical Condition


At 4:30 PM, on February 1st, 2024, Yan Ta Khao police officers received a report of a conflict between two groups of 14-year-old students only 100 meters away from a school in Yan Ta Khao, Trang. As a result, there were two 14-year-old students in critical condition.

Yan Ta Khao police rushed to the incident scene, however, the wounded students had already been transferred to Yan Ta Khao Hospital by good citizens.

According to a report by the police, one 14-year-old student had a stab wound with a sharp object under their right breast, penetrating the lung, and another 14-year-old student had a stab wound around the left breast, an inch away from the heart.

Upon police investigation, a group of victims and five other friends had a rival conflict within the same school with five other 14-year-old students including the one who stabbed the two 14-year-old students. During the fight, the culprit allegedly stabbed two 14-year-old students with a sharp object, causing two serious injuries, before the culprit’s group fled from the incident scene.

However, the police were able to capture the culprit after 20 minutes with a knife which was thrown away at a palm garden. The police and relevant agencies interrogated the culprit for the reasoning behind the crime. The 14-year-old culprit reportedly confessed that they had a personal conflict with the other group of 14-year-old students and felt he had to defend himself.

The names of the victims and other students were withheld by the police under the law to protect minors’ identities.

Mr. Arun (whose last name was withheld by the police), the 65-year-old uncle of the 14-year-old culprit, told the police that his nephew had no unruly personality and regularly helped with house chores after school. Arun regretted the incident and let the police perform their duty.

The police counseled teachers at the school and parental guardians to monitor their students and youths’ behaviors, especially looking out for bullying, to prevent future incidents regarding physical violence.

This article originally appeared on our sister website The Pattaya News.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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