Thai Police Crack Down on Drug Trafficking in Northeast Thailand


On February 3rd, 2024, Pol. Lt. Gen. Sarayut Sa-nguanphokai, the Commander of Provincial Police Region 4, and relevant officials held a press conference at Kalasin Provincial Police Headquarters about the “No Place for Drugs” operation to eradicate drug trafficking networks in the northeast region of Thailand.

The “No Place for Drugs” operation was first deployed in December of 2023, involving 252 police stations under Provincial Police Region 4 supervision. Upon police investigation, more than 381 individuals were found involved in drug trafficking networks in northeast Thailand, stated Pol. Lt. Gen. Sarayut.

As a result, the police were able to track down 309 individuals and seize 1,418,412 pills of amphetamine and 600 grams of methamphetamine, with a total value of 171.6 million baht, according to Pol. Lt. Gen. Sarayut.

Furthermore, the operation aimed to eradicate local drug dealers as they were the main source of illicit substances in local communities.

To alleviate illicit substance problems and completely eradicate drug trafficking networks in northeast Thailand, the police would enforce the laws and take legal action seriously without exemption, concluded Pol. Lt. Gen. Sarayut.


This article originally appeared on our sister website The Pattaya News.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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