School Conflict Erupts in Khlong Toei, Bangkok: Police Intervene in Potential Shooting Incident


At 3:41 PM, on February 12th, 2024, Tha Ruea police reported a shooting incident between two school institutions at Na Ranong Square, Khlong Toei, Bangkok.

At the incident scene, Pol. Lcpl. Nithit Sriranil, a traffic police officer on duty, publicly revealed that there was a loud bang like a gunshot from the middle of the red light intersection at Na Ranong Square. A group of three teens riding two motorbikes were spotted attempting to physically attack another teen in school uniform, said Pol. Lt. Nithit.

The three suspects carried sharp objects and went after the victim in school uniform. Pol. Lt. Nithit decided to intimidate them with his police pistol and shouted for them to stop. As a result, the group of suspects fled away and the victim was unharmed.

Upon police investigation, the victim, whose name was withheld by the police, stated that he was a high school student at a school in Khlong Toei, Bangkok. He was heading home, however, the three suspects rode two motorbikes picking a fight with the victim before having a conflict shown in CCTV footage.

On February 15th, it was reported that the police were able to track down a motorbike used to commit the crime. There was a symbol of a technological college on the motorbike.

Initially, the investigative police investigated the case and gathered evidence from CCTV footage to track down the suspects on the flee.

It was reported that the incident occurred only 100 meters away from the notorious incident involving innocent teacher Sirada who was killed by a stray bullet from a conflict between two rival institutes on November 11th, 2023.

This article originally appeared on our sister website The Pattaya News.

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