Husband Confesses to Murdering His Wife and Burning Her Body to Remove Evidence at Rubber Plantation in Prachinburi


At 8:00 PM, on February 20th, 2024, Pak Kret police officers performed an interrogation of a suspect who allegedly murdered a woman and burnt the body at a rubber plantation in Si Maha Phot, Prachinburi, in an attempt to get rid of the evidence.

Previously, at 3:00 AM, on February 18th, Thai netizens shared a post looking for a missing person, Ms. Chollada “Noon” Muthuwong, 27, who mysteriously disappeared after having a heated argument with her husband, Mr. Sirichai “Toy” Rakthong, 33.

However, on February 20th, Toy reportedly admitted to the police that he murdered his wife, Noon, after arguing with her, he allegedly hit his wife with a brick box and then attempted to get rid of the evidence by burning the body.

According to the police report, Toy was interrogated for more than two hours. Toy told the police that Noon always complained about him, no matter how good he was, Noon never acknowledged him at all. The repetitive situations led to accumulated stress and angriness that built up over time and Toy reportedly confessed that he was infuriated and intoxicated during the incident day, according to the police.

On the day of the incident, on the way to their residence in Muang Thong Thani, Pak Kret, Nonthaburi, Toy and Noon reportedly argued again. At 1:00 AM, on February 18th, Toy allegedly used a brick box and assaulted Noon to death before bringing her body to the rubber plantation and burning her body in Si Maha Phot, Prachinburi, according to the police.

It was reported by the police that on the way to Prachinburi, Toy brought a child with him all the time.

Initially, the police sent the body for autopsy to determine the exact cause of death and gathered evidence at the suspect’s residence where the murder occurred.

The police pressed charges of intentional homicide and concealing a corpse according to the legal process.

This article originally appeared on our sister website The Pattaya News.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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