Thai Police Investigate Burnt Body Found in Khon Kaen: Progress Made in Identifying Victim, Tracking Suspect

Khon Kaen—

At 10:00 AM, on February 21st, 2024, Pol. Col. Preecha Kengsarikit, the Muang Khon Kaen Deputy Police Commander, publicly revealed case progress on the remains of an unidentified human body found burnt at a garbage pit in Waeng Noi, Khon Kaen.

At the incident scene, there was a fragment of hair found near a tire coil on February 18th, according to the police. The forensic science teams examined the hair samples and found that the unidentified body was assumed to be a 35-year-old female, about 165-centimeters in height.

Pol. Col. Preecha stated that the police gathered CCTV footage in the vicinity and found 20 locations connected to a suspect in three provinces including Khon Kaen, Nakhon Ratchasima, and Chaiyaphum. The data was tracked back to 7 days prior when the body was found by locals, according to the police.

The case was progressively going well as the police team investigated the unidentified body and further thoroughly focused on pinpointing the suspect. The police needed time to gather potential evidence that linked to the case, said Pol. Col. Preecha.

However, the police pledged to investigate further to determine the exact identity of the victim and capture the suspect and any other involved individuals. Some information could not be disclosed as it would affect the case progress and police investigation, remarked Pol. Col. Preecha.

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