Thai Police Seize 6 Million Amphetamine Pills Worth 180 Million Baht in Bung Kan

Bueng Kan—

At 5:00 PM, on February 26th, 2024, Mr. Sutin Klungsang, the Minister of Defense, and relevant agencies held a press conference on a massive seizure of 6 million amphetamine pills worth more than 180 million baht in Bung Khla, Bueng Kan.

According to the police report, at 7:00 PM, on February 25th, Surasakmontri rangers and Bung Khla police officers received a report of drug smuggling from Lao PDR to Bung Khla, Bueng Kan, from an anonymous source.

The police then put the target under surveillance before detecting a white pickup truck from Lao PDR. The police asked for an inspection of the suspected vehicle, however, the suspects zoomed off and exchanged fires with the police.

After the heated confrontation, the suspects left the vehicle behind and fled away as they were assumed to know the territory well. The police were able to confiscate 15 rucksacks containing 6 million amphetamine pills and gathered evidence inside the vehicle and an ID card was found. The police were able to identify one of the suspects as Mr. Kritsada, 38, and requested an arrest warrant from the criminal court.

Sutin publicly revealed that the Thai government policy aimed to eradicate illicit substances at local and national levels proactively. All government sectors were ordered to integrate to deter and suppress drug smuggling at the Thai border leading to massive seizures of illicit substances.

This article originally appeared on our sister website The Pattaya News.

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