Thai Fresh Air Festival Announces Postponement of Buakaw vs. Pacquiao Match to Later in 2024, Exact Date TBD


On March 9th, 2024, the Thai Fresh Air Festival, a well-known host for sports enthusiasts, posted on Facebook regarding a postponement of a historical match, Buakaw against Pacquiao, to be on a further determined later date.

The Fresh Air Festival stated that due to force majeure, the match Buakaw against Pacquiao needed to be postponed to be announced later as the match was worth the wait. The Fresh Air Festival assured that the match will happen in 2024, but with the exact date yet to be determined.

Previously in February 2024, it was reported that the match between legends, Buakaw Banchamek and Manny Pacquiao, would be postponed. However, the Fresh Air Festival had to make a public statement to confirm to retract the news.

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In July 2023, Mr. Winit Lertratanachai, the Chief Executive Officer of Fresh Air Festival Co., Ltd., held a press conference regarding the match of legends with a total investment of 860 million baht. The fight will be in the rules of an international boxing fight, with 3 minutes of 6 rounds, and a weight of 70 kilograms.

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