Thai Government Aims for 90 Billion Euros in Tourism Income in 2024, Unveils Measures to Boost the Overall Industry


On March 7th, 2024, Mr. Chai Watcharong, the Thai Government spokesman, publicly stated details after a speech on The Amazing Thailand Networking Event with the Prime Minister of Thailand, Srettha Thavisin, to present tourism industry policies in Berlin, Germany.

According to Chai, Srettha exchanged opinions on the world stage regarding the potential for investment in Thailand, especially in the Thai tourism industry. The Thai government aimed to generate income from tourism in 2024 at an estimated 90 billion euros and anticipated more than 8.5 million tourists from the European region.

Furthermore, the Thai government gave importance to the overall tourism industry which not only stimulated economic growth but also increased employment rates for Thai locals, remarked Chai. The Thai government planned to enhance and support the Thai tourism industry through various measures.

Visa exemption policies in various countries including India, Russia, Taiwan, and other countries, and the recent permanent visa exemption in China, would facilitate and make foreign tourists travel with ease, said Chai.

Meanwhile, the Thai government was discussing the possibility of compromising on an agreement for Schengen style visas and the “One Visa, Free your Destination” proposal with other ASEAN countries.

Furthermore, the Thai government aimed to promote secondary destinations, local attractions in Thailand, as they were not well-known destinations for foreign tourists. Thai Soft Power could enhance Thai identity such as the Songkran Festival and bring Thailand to the world stage as a world-class festival destination. The Songkran Festival was recently recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage.

As for nightlife entertainment, the government amended new regulations in pilot provinces such as Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and more on extending hour services, eased off sales regulations, and reduced taxes on alcoholic beverages in appropriateness for foreign tourists.

With a surging number of tourists, Thailand had planned to expand new international airports in the north, Lanna International Airport, and the south, Andaman International Airport, to connect a long-distance route, supporting more than 40 million tourists annually. To meet the demand, Thai airlines would increase their frequency and number of flights domestically.

This article originally appeared on our sister website The Pattaya News.

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