Bangkok Taxi Driver Returns Handbag with $3,310 and Passports to Burmese Owner


On March 16th, 2024, FM91 Trafficpro publicly revealed the case of a Bangkok taxi driver returning a handbag containing 3,310 US dollars and two Myanmar passports after a passenger left the items behind on March 7th.

Mr. Songchai Chaiiam, a 51-year-old taxi driver, expressed his feelings that for 30 years of his service, he always returned passengers’ left-behind property to FM91 Trafficpro, Police Communications Division, Chatuchak, Bangkok.

This time was the most valuable thing ever that he had returned to passengers, according to Songchai. The second he found the handbag, he worried about the owner as he/she might not have sufficient money to stay in Thailand, said Songchai.

Songchai then handed the handbag to FM91 Trafficpro to search for the owner right away.
“Money is hard to gain. Every taxi driver should be honest if they find left-behind property from any passenger. Furthermore, all passengers should check if they forgot anything before stepping out of the taxi and they should remember the taxi’s information in case anything happened,” noted Songchai.

Mrs. Khin Aye Kyaing, the handbag’s owner, publicly revealed after receiving her handbag that she was worried-sick at first as the money was intended to be spent on medical treatment.

However, she was very confident that she would get the money back as she knew that Thai people were kind-hearted and honest. She felt very thankful while receiving the money, according to FM91 Trafficpro.

It was not revealed to the press if Songchai got or was offered any sort of reward for his honest behavior.

This article originally appeared on our sister website The Pattaya News.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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