Army Region Commander Inspects Yala Amid Multi-Arson Attacks in Southern Thailand


On March 22nd, 2024, Lt. Gen. Santi Sakuntanark, the commander of the 4th Army Region, performed a field inspection in Mueang, Yala, regarding the cases of multi-arson attacks in the southern region.

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Lt. Gen. Santi publicly revealed the unsettling situation by a group of criminals that caused damage to the property of civilians and the government. It was reported that the attacks aimed to cause damage to property rather than the lives of people, said Lt. Gen. Santi.

In response to the disturbance in the southern region, every sector should condemn the criminal group. The relevant agencies were ordered to monitor the situation closely over the near future, according to Lt. Gen. Santi.

However, many incidents occurred near the countryside, and the officers needed to create comprehensive plans to cover the problems, stated Lt. Gen. Santi.

Although intelligence services were able to perceive the attacks beforehand, the attacks were random as times and locations were at large. Moreover, patrol officers did not station and cover the designated areas 24/7.

However, Lt. Gen. Santi stated that the officials would make an effort to prevent future incidents.

This article originally appeared on our sister website The Pattaya News.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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