Thai Transport Minister Defends 20 Baht Electric Train Ride Policy Amid Criticism, Cites Benefits for Citizens


At 9:30 AM, on April 18th, 2024, Mr. Suriya Juangroongruangkit, the Thai Minister of Transport, stated to the public regarding criticism of the 20 baht electric train ride policy from an opposition party list MP from the Move Forward Party, Mr. Surachet Pravinvongvuth.

Suriya publicly stated that criticism and opinions from citizens and the opposition party were well received. In regards to Surachet’s criticism of the 20 baht electric train ride policy, Suriya strongly disagreed as the current electric train fare for the longest distance was 192 baht which was considered a huge burden to citizens who use railway transportation daily.

The 20 baht electric train ride policy would potentially reduce PM 2.5 dust particles and alleviate transportation fares to the citizens, according to Suriya.
The 20 baht electric train ride policy would be effective within two years as it was first announced in September 2023. Therefore, the Thai government would review the policy by September 2025, remarked Suriya.

The policy would include all-electric train lines with a maximum fare of 20 baht. The Ministry of Transport would present the Joint Ticket Act and establish a fund to compensate entrepreneurs. The conclusion would be petitioned to the Thai cabinet meeting in the future, said Suriya.

In response to criticism from the opposition party regarding the lack of achievement from the Ministry of Transport, Suriya publicly retorted that one of the remarkable performances was that Suvarnabhumi Airport had a better ranking from 67th to 57th globally.

Moreover, the Bangkok Bus Terminal was improved as citizens could travel conveniently, and during Songkran holidays, citizens could transport on Rama 2 Road, Mittraphap Road, and other prominent main roads safely and less traffic jams, according to Suriya.

After today’s Cabinet meeting (April 18th), Suriya would inspect Phuket to tackle traffic issues as Phuket was one of the significant tourist attractions.

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