Top National Thailand Stories From the Past Week: Possibility of A New Law on the Protection of Sex Workers and More 

Here is a look at the top NATIONAL Thailand stories, chosen by our Pattaya News/TPN National team, from last week, Monday, March 13th, 2023, to Sunday, March 19th, 2023. They are not in any particular level of importance but are listed in the order of date of publication.

Let’s get started and see what the top stories were!

  1. The Thai national police chief has ordered law enforcement officers nationwide to tighten up law enforcement to curb PM2.5 dust.

The problem stems from various factors, such as transportation, outdoor burning, forest fires, industries, and construction.

2. Thai Committee on Public Health Suggests E-cigarette Regulation and to End Ban on Vaping

Dr. Eak (Ekkapob Pianpises) recently unveiled a sub-committee report on the Study of Impacts on Health and Monitoring the Enforcement of Public Health Related Laws under the Committee on Public Health.

3. A Thai special branch police member with a reported history of mental illness went berserk, say witnesses, and fired multiple shots within his residential area in Bangkok’s Sai Mai district, terrifying neighbors.

A police inspector turned gunman who repeatedly fired his gun in the residential area of Bangkok’s Sai Mai district since yesterday has finally been apprehended after hours of standoff.

He was later pronounced dead at a hospital. His body has already been cremated.

4. Many Thai activists met on Thursday, March 16th, to discuss the possibility of the law on the protection of sex workers. The law would ensure those working in the trade would be equally protected and would not be stigmatized by society, said the group.

It would also essentially allow legal prostitution in Thailand, a long debated item that officially doesn’t exist but is Thailand’s worst kept secret.

5. A group of Chinese-speaking tour guides convened on Saturday, March 18th, to discuss the trouble caused by illegal guides who are stealing their jobs. The group complained they are being overlooked by the government as their complaints, so far, have not been heard.

The complainers revealed at a meeting that some foreign guides are working illegally in Thailand and are stealing their jobs. These guides do not have a guide license which is required by Thai laws to operate as a guide. A guide is a protected occupation in Thailand that foreigners cannot work in.

And, that is all for this week. Thank you as always for reading the Pattaya News/TPN News!


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Goongnang Suksawat
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